Moving? Make sure your pup is prepared with these top tips -

Moving? Make sure your pup is prepared with these top tips

Moving into a new home can be stressful for the entire family – including your dog. While dogs may do a better job masking how they are feeling than us humans, stress can take a real toll on a dog’s health and well-being. Dogs find great comfort in the monotony of a routine and moving into a new home can be quite traumatic. Changes in their routine can lead to appetite loss and even a weakened immune system – so it’s important not to forget that moving into a new home can be just as hard, if not harder, on your dog as it is for you.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to make the move for your doggo as smoothly as possible. There are steps to consider at each stage of the moving process that will alleviate the stress and get your pooch settled and snuggled in your new home in no time!


Taking the time to prepare your dog BEFORE the moving trucks show up can go a long way to keeping them happy and healthy as you all transition into a new home. If you have ever noticed your dog getting a little anxious at the sight of your suitcase coming out, you can imagine how hard it will be for them to relax in a house filled with boxes, so be extra tuned into your dog’s needs and give him the extra love and reassurance he wants.

If your move is local, take some time to visit your future neighborhood with your furry friend, letting him check out the sights and smells. If you are moving to a new town or state, make sure to check what license requirements they have for owning a dog, and make sure your dog is microchipped and your contact information is current.


Whether you are moving 1 mile or 1000 miles, this can be an especially nerve-wracking part of the moving process for your pet. Taking your dog to a pet sitter or a doggy day camp is a great way to mitigate some of those moving day jitters (for both of you!). If you are traveling a long distance and your dog isn’t used to traveling, ask your vet if a calming medication is a good idea for your dog. Make sure you keep dog food, a food bowl, leash, collar and your dog’s tag close by throughout the chaos of the move.


So, you finally made it into your new home! You may be tempted to buy your dog a new swanky bed to celebrate, but bringing his old bed, toys, and treats can actually bring them a great deal of comfort – familiar smells will go a long way to easing their move-related jitters. Even in the midst of the chaos of a move, it is crucial to keep your dog’s routine the same, including mealtimes and walks. Encourage your dog as they explore their new home (they will want to sniff every nook and cranny) – and most importantly, be sure to spoil them with extra love and attention to reassure them that everything is ok.

Following these easy guidelines can make a huge difference in how both you and your pet adapt to your new digs. It will feel like home for both of you in no time.

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