Improving Your Dog’s Health and Wellness -

Improving Your Dog’s Health and Wellness

Every pet owner wants their fur baby to live a long, happy and healthy life. To help your dog have the longest quality life possible, these are the areas to focus on.

A healthy dog starts by fueling it with quality food tailored for your dog’s specific needs. Just like people, dogs can have food allergies and sensitivities to everything from grains to proteins to dairy. Problems with certain types of food can show up in both gastrointestinal and skin issues. If you suspect your dog is having food reactions, it’s time to schedule a visit with your vet to get to the root of the problem. Even in dogs with solid stomachs, it’s important to offer a varied diet with clean ingredients.

Any type of physical exercise is great for your pet, but experts agree that nothing beats the traditional tried and true walk. All dog breeds are genetically inclined to walk. Walking also stimulates your dog mentally and helps socialization. Walking your dog also gives you a chance to train your pet to follow commands and your lead. Always walk your dog next to you or behind you, never let your dog lead. Remember you’re the one in charge.

Ear This
Did you know the top reason dogs see a vet is for an ear infection? The way a dog’s ear canal is shaped makes it easy for dirt, wax, bacteria, and water to get trapped. Dog’s ears can even develop a yeast infection from these unwelcome sediments. Regularly inspecting your dog’s ears can help keep him healthy.

Pearly Whites
Good dental hygiene can help stave away a host of other health problems including heart disease, inflammation, and infection. Make sure your vet always inspects your dog’s teeth and brush its teeth, care for the gums and feed him the right diet at home to preserve oral health.

Keep a Schedule
Dogs like routine. Keeping your dog on a daily schedule gives your dog the consistency and security it craves.

Reduce Inflammation
The running, jumping, and playing your dog does can be hard on its joints. Dogs get arthritis and inflamed joints just like humans. To help reduce inflammation make sure its diet is focused on anti-inflammatory foods and Omega vitamins.

Healing Hands
Simply petting your pooch can do wonders for its health. Physical contact lowers the pup’s blood pressure, releases good hormones and creates a secure bond between the two of you.

See the Vet
The best way to keep your dog healthy is to prevent disease. Seeing your vet annually, or biannually for older dogs, is imperative to your pup’s overall health.

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